WCP’s spirometry equipment allows me and my staff to perform high quality lung function studies in the medical office setting. The software makes it easy to do good quality control. Relevant parameters are reported and it is easy to isolate individual flow volume and volume time curves for inspection. Technical support from WCP is prompt, responsive and of excellent quality.
— Harold J. Farber, MD, Pediatric Pulmonology, Medical Director - Napa / Solano Pediatric Asthma Care Management Program, Kaiser Permanente. Author of "Control Your Child's Asthma: A breakthrough Program for the Treatment and Management of Childhood Asthma"

Remote Access Technical Support

We are able to provide support directly on your computer.  Please contact us and we can schedule a time to provide this assistance.  800-837-6751.

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Onsite Training

Spirometry training is far more than just navigating software. It involves effective instruction in the American Thoracic Society Spirometry Standards for test quality and proper coaching techniques required to obtain the highest percentage of tests that are clinically useful. 

Our staff are certified respiratory specialists with years of clinical experience in pulmonary diagnostics. 

Our onsite staff training is customized to our customer’s requirements. Everyone learns at different paces and with different approaches. We commit the time and techniques required to obtain the results needed. We encourage “training in the trenches” with patients where possible. 

Summary of training topics:
1.    General Software navigation
2.    Patient preparation
3.    Pulmonary mechanics
4.    Proper instrument calibration verification techniques
5.    Proper patient coaching techniques for adults and children
6.    Current ATS Standards: numeric and graphic patterns 

We offer online, topic specific, training videos for “ComPAS” spirometry software.

Spirometry Certification Course


If you are interested in an excellent spirometry training course, we can highly recommend Apexpulmonary.

 APEX specializes in catering to the individual training needs of you your clinic.  They take the time to listen to you, to understand what goals and objectives you are trying to achieve in order to custom design your training program.

Video Training

Pneumotrac Flow Calibration:  How to calibrate the flow for a Pneumotrac using a 3 liter syringe and ComPAS.

Flow Volume Loop:  How to conduct a flow volume loop or forced vital capacity using the Pneumotrac and ComPAS.

Pneumotrac Flow Volume Incentives: Learn how to use the flow volume incentives in ComPAS software.

Selecting Flow Volume Data: Learn how to select flow volume loop data and graphics using ComPAS software.

Cough Peak Flow: Learn how to conduct a cough peak flow using a Pneumotrac and ComPAS software.